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Preconstruction Services

Imagine being able to foresee potential pitfalls in your construction project before ever stepping foot on site. That is precisely what Great Plains Construction’s preconstruction services provide: a formal approach for developing communication, scope, cost, and a schedule to kick off the project right while saving our clients time and money. This allows clients to address questions and concerns up front to reduce the chance of surprises down the road.

Having a handle on the entire construction process from planning and conceptual design through construction and completion is important to our clients who like to be proactive. Equally important is knowing what it’s going to cost long before construction begins. Teaming up with GPC for preconstruction allows clients to make informed decisions based on solid, knowledgeable input.

Working in congruence with the owner, GPC develops a feasible, cost-effective budget through value analysis, constructability evaluations, and phasing plans. As a team, we identify the challenges and define the solutions early, rather than experiencing costly issues in the field.

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